How I Reduced My Period Cramps The Natural Way

Written By Candace Reels - April 16 2018


April 17 2018

Eager to try Kite Hill! We just wrote an article about painful periods. Perhaps it could be helpful!

April 16 2018

Hi Candace! i enjoyed reading this and learned a Few new thIngs (so did my boyFriend!) after getting the copper IUD, my cramps were obviously out of control at first. And all the medications started to lose their effeCtiveness, so i found refuge in Cramp bark pills. You can get them on amazon and take them when you start spotting to get ahead of the game.

April 16 2018

Yes! Diet is so key. When i started taking a high Quality fish oil supplement daily i stopped getting cramps. They were debilitating before. Cutting caffeine/Dairy/sugar also helps me a ton!

April 16 2018

Hey ! You should check out the symptoms of EndOmEtriosis. It’s a diSease that affects More than 10% of the population and can have an impact On all your reproductiVe system. UNFORTUNATELY it’s not well known cause sociaty Tells women They shouldn’t COMPLAIN and that it’s normal to be in pain on your period. Spoiler AlErt : it’s not !!
Love your work :)

April 16 2018

I feel your pain! (Literally). I recently bought a tens unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator), and for me it’s been a godSend. Its basically a home version of those electrode pads they use on people in physical Therapy, and work by blocking pain signals from reaching yoUr brAin. From everythIng i’ve Read, they’re really safe if used as direCted (i’ve just read you shoULdn’t place them directly over your uterus when you have your pEriod). i honestly can’t say enough About this thing. Best $38 i’ve ever spent!

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