Music Monday: Bad Witches Playlist

By Candace Reels

Music Monday: Bad Witches Playlist

A playlist featuring 6 incredible female artists who don't play by the rules and stay true to themselves. They're basically some of the baddest witches in the industry right now. These songs are a true empowerment to women and gives us the feels to continue being bad ass witches ourselves. Enjoy!

Princess Nokia

"Good witches, I fuck with. Bad bitches, we run shit."


Kali Uchis

"I don't need your drama, I don't need you to survive"

Ridin' Round


"Eat the fruit that feeds your spirit. On your knees, now baby eat it, eat it."


Jorja Smith

"Unlike before when you and I laid eye to eye. Now it's time for you to taste the bitter end."

On My Mind


"Rockstar, mixed with a ghetto chick"



"Cause my love so good. So I fuck with myself more than anybody else"

I F With Myself

























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