Music Monday: Bad Witches Playlist

By Candace Reels

Music Monday: Bad Witches Playlist

Adding to our Bad Witches Playlist here are 6 additional songs featuring women who stay true themselves and reminds us to stay true to ourselves. Enjoy!


"Don't touch my hair, when it's the feelings I wear"

Don't Touch My Hair



"I am flesh, bones, I am skin, soul I am human. Nothing more than human. I am sweat, flaws. I am veins, scars, I am human. Nothing more than human"




"Lying on my back, seeing clouds and rays. Drinking lime and bitter from my lemonade"

Bad Blood



"I'm sorry you got karma comin' to you. Collect and soak in it right."

Drew Barrymore


The Internet

"If they don't know your worth, tell 'em you're my girl. And anything you want is yours."



Lion Babe

"What a day in our little world. Out here riding with the waves. Sweet escape finds me every day. At home where the heart is, where the heart is."

Hit The Ceiling




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