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Sustainable Self-Care Tips

Artwork by Stephanie Deangelis (@steph_angelis)

In the past few years self-care has been such a huge talking topic, but self-care is not just about bubble baths and massages (sometimes they are) but self-care is also simply about not causing harm to ourselves and Mother Earth. Self-care is showing the love to ourselves that we deserve and we should treat Mother Earth exactly the same way! Below I will share some of my favorite sustainable self-care tips


1. Buy locally produced foods. Spend your Sunday morning/afternoon at your local farmers market! Not only is this a great activity to do alone or with friends, but it's another way to help our planet. Talk about a Sunday Funday!

2. Reuse and recycle.


3. Secondhand clothing! Americans toss 25 billion pounds of clothing every single year. As someone who most likely had a shopping problem, I was a part of this group. I now try my best to shop secondhand, especially with so many amazing secondhand shops out there! You never know what you might find! 

4. Use a menstrual cup, or THINX! There are many alternatives out there today for all of us to find out what works best for our bodies when Mother Nature hits!

5. Make your own face masks from kitchen ingredients. It's fun and it's cheap!

6. Reduce your meat consumption. I would start with meatless Monday or having at least one plant-based meal a day. As someone who grew up with a mom who was and is vegan, I remember how awful a lot of the plant-based alternatives were, but now they are just on a whole new level. I mean have you had Salt & Straw's vegan ice cream?! It's one of the silkiest and creamiest vegan ice creams I've ever had. And might I add that ice cream is always great to have on a Sunday night, wearing a homemade face-mask and watching your favorite TV show!

7. Most importantly love yourself and your planet too! Change starts with us and what we put into our bodies and how we treat it is so important. So I suggest loving yourself extra hard today, tomorrow, and the next; all while showing Mother Earth that same kindness!
PSA: Don’t be so hard on yourself or don’t let anyone judge you if you are new to the sustainability world. Habits don’t change in a day, but as long as we’re trying our best with the resources we individually have that is all that matters!

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