About Candace

My name is Candace Reels and I am an intersectional feminist, content creator, and self-love advocate born and raised in Los Angeles. I created Female Collective to help women come together, tell their unique stories, and feel empowered to tackle the missions that matter most to them.

Three years ago, I had my what am I doing with my life existential moment. I was unhappy with my job at the time and lacked any kind of inspiration, I knew it was time to hit the refresh button. Enters Female Collective an instagram born out of my passion for activism/intersectional feminism and a need for everyday self-love content. As we all know that self-love is not something you wake up with, it's an everyday journey that you must take the time out to nurture. 

From there I was able to become one of the organizers for the Women's March in Los Angeles, a speaker at the Create & Cultivate Conference in Chicago, and I have been featured in Pop Sugar, Teen Vogue, Essence, i-D Magazine, Who What Wear, GIRLBOSS, and Cup of Jo to name a few.

I continue to create content that will help all women feel celebrated, empowered, uplifted, and supported. As life has it's many challenges and it's important that we are reminded everyday that we matter, we are loved, and we are worthy.

You're welcomed to email me about interviews, speaking engagements, events, collaborations, and anything else you think I might be into at femalecollective@gmail.com